About Us

Amanta E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

Amanta E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. is a fresh and innovative approach providing the complete integrated solutions for your home. Founded in 2017, Amanta E-commerce pairs the vogues with the luxury which further zeros down on the idea of Home furniture, serving the state of the art products ranging from luxury furniture to home furnishing. The main aim of Amanta E-Commerce is to render the zero-defect products with superior and prompt after-sales services.

Being a premier E-commerce business house, Amanta E-Commerce strives to achieve perfection adapting the superior expertise and experimentation through exhaustive research and development.

Amanta is soon becoming a trusted name in the E-commerce Industry tapping various domestic and international markets and with its superior products, it has created a remarkable place not only in their customers’ homes but also in their hearts.

About Us:-

We, at Amanta E-commerce, pair the best products with the finest after-sales service that keeps us on the cutting edge and Homevara, being the brainchild of Amanta manifests the same.

Conquering the prowess of combining innovative ideas with peculiar expertise, Homecraft produces consistent quality, which is nurtured at every step of understanding our customer’s needs and adding the flavours of current trends, innovation, comfort, luxury and advanced engineering to it.

Our products’ portfolio includes Home furnishing, luxury furniture, modular kitchen, home décor, appliances and the list just goes on.

Adding to this, free product installation and free home delivery, makes it the first choice of the customers.

Moreover, these high quality products undergo stringent quality control measures and conform to the levels of International standards.

Amanta E-Commerce, has always insisted to stay transparent in its dealings to emerge as a leading global brand developing national infrastructure.


Amanta E-Commerce envisions emerging as a global provider of the world beating Home Furniture and Services. To distinguish the source, deploy aesthetical endowment and resource to render superior home interior solutions worldwide. Accompanying upward directing graph, Amanta E-Commerce with its Homevara pursues the catchword "Safe and Green Globe" and its products manifest the same.


  • To develop advanced technological products and disseminate through the strategic alliances with emerging and existing leaders of the arena.

  • To recognize and foreground the customers’ objectives to serve the customized super ordinate products.

  • To render qualitative and efficient products in the market.

  • To set a touchstone by gratifying clients' needs.

  • To snap up the lucrative market to disseminate the products and services.


From CMD's desk:

The pace at which this global scenario is changing is truly incredible where the spotlight is on India. Hence, Amanta E-Commerce with Homvara, is a fresh approach to develop a national infrastructure; wherein understanding overall requirements for Indian Market right from addressing the external threats to the level of safeguarding internal threats.

A main focus on E-commerce sector, this mission was to compliment the great economic boom of India during this period through creating a professional company capable of executing all sorts of home interior and appliances.

Since its inception, Amanta E-commerce is observing a consistent growth in revenue due to the technological innovation and varied product lines. Pertaining to the vision of the organization of emerging as a global provider of the world beating Products and Services; we at Amanta E-Commerce has always insisted to stay transparent in our dealings with our clients and remain grateful to the Rulers and Government for their confidence and support to Amanta E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd.


Sujit Kailash Mishra

Managing Director


Corporate Social Responsibility:

Amanta E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. has taken an active approach in being heavily involved in the field we operate in. We pride ourselves to be leading supporters of the events that take place in our society.

Our support extends to all sectors; we have strong interests in supporting education, sports events, environmental issues, in addition to a wide spectrum of industry related conferences, exhibitions, summits, etc.

Our proactive approach towards our society is a reflection of our sincere commitment to this great country. Amanta E-Commerce’s efforts in sponsoring and supporting various strategic events and activities in India, have truly positioned us as a committed corporate citizen.

We are thankful to all the appreciation that we have been continuously receiving from the organizers of the events we support, and this appreciation is a further motivation for us to keep its pioneering role as a patron and strong supporter of our society.